Ways with Clove

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we create a new collection of designs. And each of those collections is led by a colour. It’s usually inspired by the season, a way to connect with the mood of the natural world (although we always make sure it’ll feel ‘right’ in every season – your home doesn’t start afresh twice a year, after all). And its influence can be felt from our paint and fabrics to the photography we capture to inspire you. This autumn, that colour is Clove. Here’s how we’d go about creating a palette around it, whether you’re looking for dramatic contrasts or softly soothing tones.

Clove, is, we think, the definition of the perfect dark neutral. Escaping description as a specific colour, Rebecca, our creative director of product and services, describes it best as ‘plum with undertones of velvet brown’. What it most definitely is though, is a shade that works across the spectrum of colours, both as the hero hue or as a background base allowing other colours to sing. The joy of a neutral like Clove is that it will work effortlessly with almost any colour you chose to fall in love with.