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Hannah, Owner

I love looking after our clients - their happiness is my happiness and success. My goal is for them to walk into their finished room and feel total joy. That means we're doing a great job.


Hans, Partner

Beaumont is an exciting company to work with. Amazing brands, a really creative team and tonnes of great clients. It's good fun.

Kerry headshot.jpeg

Kerry, Designer
ôte d'Azur

For me the key to interior design (especially kitchen design) is finding the balance between form and function. My goal is always to give the client and their family a beautiful space to grow and adapt.

I love classic styles, modern colours, and the amazing potential we have here on the Côte d'Azur to create relaxed and welcoming indoor/outdoor spaces.

Blond Woman

Mia, Designer
Monaco & C
ôte d'Azur

It is a great pleasure to manage so many beautiful projects and to work with such lovely clients. I'm told that I'm the 'detail designer' because I don't like to leave any stone unturned! The design is always in the detail! It's so much fun to work so closely with clients and to help them create their perfect home. 


Meghan, Designer
Haute Savoie

I have the great pleasure of working & living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, my common place with my clients is that we love the mountains! Sometimes the amount of unpainted timber in a typical chalet here in the Alps can be too much and creating spaces where we don't lose the authenticity of the building but we do bring in more light & create a more up to date space is great fun. 

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