Johannes Jacobs


Languages spoken: French, English, Dutch, German 

Lived in France since: 2002

Agent Commercial en Immobilier since: 2017

Born in The Hague and resident in France. 20 years of corporate experience in Management Consulting (reorganisation, executive and CXO coaching a.o.). Since 2013 he has expanded his business to Capital Investment Consultancy and Consultancy in Real Estate.

+33(0) 6 7493 5839

Hannah Waters


Languages spoken: French, English

Lived in France since: 2010

Owned a Neptune Franchise since: 2014

British born and resident in France. Over 20 years experience in marketing & customer relations. Invested in a Neptune franchise and became a premier partner in 2014.

+33(0) 6 87928363

Rose McGowan

Kitchen Designer & Artist

Dean Johnson

Fitting Team

Nick Morrissey

Fitting Team

Tracy Hecht

Interior Designer & Artist

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