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Behind the Spring/Summer 2021 collection

The inspiration behind a collection can come from anywhere – a sunset, an unexpected find at an antiques fair, or, as in the case of this season’s new collection, a desire to reflect. Our product and service brand director, Rebecca, who leads the design team, explains that the spring collection is very deliberately not chasing newness for the sake of newness. Instead, it’s about breathing new life into the hidden heroes within the collection. Discovering new details to appreciate, focusing on careful craftsmanship and introducing new pieces that matter. “After all, our homes are full of things we love but the question is how to bring them to life and make them special,” she says.

One such hidden hero is the Chichester dresser, an iconic piece of furniture that has been in our collection from the start – a fitting tribute as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. It has been reimagined in our new Burnt Sienna paint shade, bringing a modern touch to its classic British aesthetic, with its expert timber craftsmanship and traditional but understated details.

Another craft classic is Lloyd Loom furniture, something we have championed for years but never in a bedroom – until now. “The Montague headboard is in an iconic material that stands the test of time,” explains Rebecca. “You can paint it any colour and it works beautifully, and we’ve added a blanket box to the collection to sit at the end of the bed.”

As our bedrooms have become multi-tasking retreats over the last year, the design team wanted to introduce a more decorative take on the space as well. They looked to a previous era – the reign of Queen Anne in the 18th century – and created the Clemmie, a statement upholstered headboard with elegant curves and precise piping which emphasises the headboard’s contoured silhouette. “It’s elegant, feminine and even playful,” says Rebecca, “and carries any of our new fabrics beautifully.”

Colour was key to pulling the collection together. Burnt Sienna, our warm, pinky-orange shade was an emotive reaction to the feeling one gets sitting in mellow sunlight at the end of the day. It might come as no surprise that the design team’s research process was fermenting as we all faced lockdown and reassessed what was important in our lives. Rebecca explains: “Burnt Sienna is a relaxing colour, evoking the pleasure of the sun’s warmth and reminding us about the simple joys of life – a lazy afternoon in the garden, or evening sunshine dappling on a red brick wall.” And of course, Burnt Sienna has a far-reaching historical context, being the shade of choice for the earliest cave paintings through to Italian Renaissance artists. It felt like the perfect colour for this season, combining a sense of history, comfort and contentment.

So this collection offers a moment to appreciate the finer details, to focus on the craftsmanship of well-made furniture, to enjoy our extended palette of colours and fabrics and to celebrate some much loved classics. In other words, it’s about us helping you feeling good about the place you live in.

Blog courtesy of Neptune (Europe) Ltd 2021

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