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May we introduce Olive?

The new, verdant shade of green that underpins our autumn collection, with a paint shade, textural fabrics and even appearances on our latest accessories. And while Olive might be a new arrival, it feels thoroughly established as a decorating colour, giving go-to classic greys and navy a run for their money. So, how best to use it?

Decorating with Olive With its link to nature, green is a restful and balancing colour to decorate with, and Olive green, with its undertones of yellow and soft brown, is a sure-fire way to make a room feel warm, elegant and traditional. And, thanks to this hint of yellow, Olive will work wonders in an east or north-facing room, introducing a mellow, even flattering, tone to these cooler spaces.

When it comes to decorating with such an alluring colour, we like to commit in a big way. Try Olive on all four walls for a rich heritage feel, for this is no whimsical, of-the-moment shade, it’s a colour that feels like it has always belonged. And while it’s too pigment-rich to be a classic neutral, it acts rather like one – becoming the perfect foil for gilt frames, lush velvet sofas and dark wood furniture. A dining room or sitting room will glow after dark while a bedroom will feel serene and cocooning. It pairs perfectly with Honed Slate on woodwork (a strong neutral with a green undertone that shares Olive’s sense of history) or add a flash of British quirkiness with a touch of vibrant red upholstery – an armchair or cushion covered in the new Harry Rose Hip linen (a rich crimson red) will feel both smart and distinctive. Just add in a few brass accents for good measure.

But the real joy of Olive is that it works just as well as a partner shade as it does a hero colour. While red and violet are great highlights for this earthy green, it will feel natural and calm when paired with decorating stalwarts such as navy or light grey. Consider painting a cabinet or shelves in Olive and contrasting them against the deep navy of Ink on the walls, or break up a grey painted kitchen with an island in this versatile colour. You’ll soon be wondering what you ever did without it.

Upholstery in Olive Not just for walls, Olive also features on fabrics in our autumn collection, meaning you can introduce this natural, tranquil shade through furniture and details. The new Harris Tweed Olive is a deep, vibrant green, with more emphasis on the twill weave than the classic tweedy flecks. It results in a strong, textural material that works beautifully as an upholstery fabric – we love it on the new Caspar sofa, with its signature brass studs and refined shape, because it sums up the mood of traditional elegance perfectly. Teamed with a dark wood side table, such as the newly-recoloured Blenheim console in Darkened Oak, and the room exudes classic heritage style.

Accessorising with Olive If you want a gentler introduction to this life-affirming shade though, you can work Olive into a scheme with dining accessories such as our Handsworth cutlery and the Antonia soft-washed linen table runner and fringed napkins. Looking handsome against the grain of natural oak, the new pieces will help create a stunning tablescape with earthy, forest overtones on a dark wood dining table (such as Arundel), bringing a new energy and flair to autumn entertaining plans.

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