Over the years of fitting Neptune kitchens for our expatriate clients in France, it has become apparent that there is a need for help and support with finding good trades people, managing building projects, understanding building regulations, speaking french & understanding the terminology associated with the building process etc.


We are not builders however we have built good relationships with building teams dotted around the country and work closely with them. We meet these people personally, see their work, take references and ensure that they are registered and insured correctly. We have worked with AXA France to understand the level of insurance that is required by the various trades and we will not engage in contracts with any tradesperson who does not have this insurance. We also now have a good working relationship with Bâtiment de France, who work hard to ensure that renovations are carried out in a sympathetic way particularly if your property sits within 500m of a protected building. We hear of many people who embark on renovating old buildings in France without understanding that their roof tiles, windows, shutters & facades must all be finished in a particular way and in an extreme case we know of someone who was taken to a tribunal. This isn't meant to scare you away from renovating, in fact we enjoy working with Bâtiment de France and have always found the experience pleasant.  We also work with French & English architects who have come to us recommended by previous clients.


There are plenty of people in France advertising themselves as builders, who aren't registered, insured and often are not even professionally qualified or experienced. This can cause heartache for clients who invest a lot of money in work that is sub-standard and has to be corrected, modified or completely re-done by serious tradespeople at an additional cost to the client. It can be easy to fall into this trap if you don't speak French and are searching for English-speaking people. We should also note that there are very good English-speaking tradespeople available who are qualified.

If you would like help with your renovation project then please do get in touch. We offer an initial consultation over the phone free of charge and without obligation.